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Powder Coating Plus Northwest is Billings, Montana's choice for quality powder coating services. We take great pride in delivering prompt service and only the highest quality of workmanship. Our sevices include all phases of powder coating as well as industrial painting preparation and finishing. Don't just settle for powder coating, demand Powder Coating Plus Northwest and discover the difference!

Powder coating in Billings, Montana

What can Be Powder Coated?

Any metal item can be powder coated at our state of the art powder coating facility. Some of the most popular items that we powder coat in Billings include:

Automotive Components

  • Frames, Bumpers, & Chassis Parts
  • Hubcaps, Wheels, & Valve Covers
  • Brake Systems, Door Handles, & Trailer Hitches
  • and many other car and truck components

Industrial Equipment

  • Structural Steel, Stair Cases, & Guard Rails
  • Cabinets, Shelves, & Tool Boxes
  • Trailer Beds, Truck Beds, & Plow Blades
  • and much more...

Household Items

  • Bicycle Frames, Barbeque Grills, & Exercise Equipment
  • Patio Furniture, Bunk Beds, & Metal Toys
  • Lawn Ornaments, Light Fixtures, & Curtain Rods
  • and many other metal items around your house!

Featured Services

Powder coating provides unmatched durability, beauty, and value. Much superior to traditional painting; the strong, thick, and durable coating resulting from the advanced powder coating processes we use will protect and beautify your valuable iems for years to come.

With the largest powder coating equipment in the region, we are able to powder coat almost any item you can imagine. From items as small as war medals to large industrial items such as dump truck beds, Powder Coating Plus Northwest has the state of the art equipment and experience to handle any powder coating need you can imagine!

Fast Affordable Powder Coating in Billings, Montana

Looking for information about the powder coating process and its benefits? Already know you want something powder coated and have questions about the powder coating services we offer? Either way, our site is designed to help you quickly and easily find the information you need about powder coating services from Powder Coating Plus Northwest in Billings. Can't find the information about powder coating you need? Feel free to give us a call or stop by our shop. We would love to hear from you.

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