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Intro to Powder Coating

For those of you looking for a more detailed description of powder coating, here it is, in a nut shell.

The powder itself is made from several materials designed for various uses; the most common however is polyester. The polyester (plastic) is mixed with several ingredients, such as fillers to aid in its pre-spray suspension and uniform cured finish, and pigments to give the powder its color and texture.

Once mixed, the ingredients are melted together then forced through an extruder onto a moving conveyor where it is rolled flat. After cooling the product is then broken into small pieces, which are then ground into the consistency of baby powder. The product is now packaged and ready to ship.

Upon receiving the powder the applicator will place the powder in an application system. Two systems are typically used. The first is a fluidizing hopper where by the powder in the enclosed hopped is suspended by mixing with pressurized air. The air flows through the bottom of the hopper through a very fine porous plastic plate. The powder is then sucked out of its suspension through a tube connected to an air activated siphon pump or a venturi. The pump then pushes the powder through a non-static hose to the application gun

The second, and most common application, system is a vibratory bed. The powder is left in its original container, usually a plastic bag within a box, containing anywhere from 5lbs. to 55lbs. The box is placed on the bed at the base of the application system where it is vibrated by an air activated motor which initiates the spraying process. Again, a tube via an air activated siphon pump sucks the powder up and to the application gun. As the powder is forced through the application gun, an electrode in the tip of the gun gives the powder an electrostatic charge. In the same manner as rubbing a balloon on your head and sticking to the wall, the powder clings to the grounded item.

Once the item has been coated it is then transferred to the curing, oven it will stay until the item has reached the required temperature for the coating applied. Once it has reached temperature the item will remain in the oven for approximately ten minutes to acquire full curing of the coating. When the item is out of the oven it must cool. Once the item is cool to the touch it is ready for use.

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Powder coating provides unmatched durability, beauty, and value. Much superior to traditional painting; the strong, thick, and durable coating resulting from the advanced powder coating processes we use will protect and beautify your valuable iems for years to come.

With the largest powder coating equipment in the region, we are able to powder coat almost any item you can imagine. From items as small as war medals to large industrial items such as dump truck beds, Powder Coating Plus Northwest has the state of the art equipment and experience to handle any powder coating need you can imagine!

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Looking for information about the powder coating process and its benefits? Already know you want something powder coated and have questions about the powder coating services we offer? Either way, our site is designed to help you quickly and easily find the information you need about powder coating services from Powder Coating Plus Northwest in Billings. Can't find the information about powder coating you need? Feel free to give us a call or stop by our shop. We would love to hear from you.

Intro to Powder Coating

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